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Welcome to the project database «Commentaries on Paul of the Reformation Era», the digital portal of the SNSF project «16th Century Exegesis of Paul» (→ data.snf.ch/grants/grant/207696). A more detailed description of the research project can be found on the → project page; for more information on the opening conference which will take place in Geneva from March 21 to 23, 2024, see → here.
The aim of this database is to record all commentaries on the Pauline letters (including Deuteropaulines and Hebrews) that were published in the Latin-speaking world between 1500 and 1600. An initial focus is on commentaries written and/or printed in the area of present-day Switzerland.
The database is under construction. At the moment, it repertorizes 655 commentaries by 47 authors and 371 other works, stemming from 248 printings. These entries are accessible via the (more sophisticated) list of works or the (more rudimentary) list of printings. A more detailed search and further display options for the search results are in the planning.